Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 Easy Ways to Make Bath Time into Bible Time

As parents, I believe we are called to teach our children about the Bible every time we get the chance. The trouble can be where to fit Bible teaching into our busy lives. I like to look for ways to incorporate Bible time into our daily routine. That way it just seamlessly flows into our lives. I've found bath time can be the perfect time for Bible teaching. It's a time when my son is contained and usually open for listening.  

Here are some simple ways to teach your children about the Bible while you are doing your normal bath routine: 

1. Sing Sunday School Songs

Kids love to sing and Sunday school songs are a great way to teach about the Bible.  They are fun and catchy and teach wonderful truths.  I am still reminded of songs from my childhood when certain situations arise.  More than once, they have calmed me or helped me make a right choice.  

The bath is the perfect time to sing Sunday School songs.  Your child will be learning about God, but also having fun!

We love 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs by The Veggie Tales because it is jazzy and fun, but there are hundreds of others to choose from.  I highly recommend you go get one!

2. Use Bath Toys to Tell Bible Stories

Get creative and use the toys you already have in your tub to tell Bible stories.  We have some fish that I use to tell "Fishers of Men" and a whale that I use to tell the story of "Jonah".  If you have a boat, then you can tell "Noah's Ark" or animals to tell about how God created the animals on the 5th Day of Creation.  The options are as endless as your imagination.  

Whenever I tell a story, I also like to sing a song with it like I Will Make You Fishers of Men or Who Did Swallow Jonah?  It reinforces the story and makes it more fun.

If you want, you could even get some Noah's Ark tub toys like these themed rubber duckies or this foam set.  But just using what you already have will work just fine, too.  

3. Ask Who Made Our Bodies

Since your kid is most likely naked, take the opportunity to talk about body parts.  Ask who made her toes? Ask why God gave her a tummy?  Ask her how she can use her hands to praise God? Being in the bath is a great opportunity to show children that they were made in the image of God and that our bodies are meant for His glory.

4. Talk About How God Numbers the Hairs on Our Head 

When you wash your child's hair, tell her that she is so important to God that He numbers each hair on her head.  God knows when a hair falls out and when a new one grows in.  He pays attention to the details of our lives.  

5. Talk About How God Washes Away Our Sins

As you wash your child, talk about how you are washing the dirt off her body with soap and water, but Jesus washes away our sins with His blood.  Go into detail according to the age of your child.  It's never too early to start teaching about salvation.

6. Use Bubbles to Talk About Jesus Making Us Whiter Than Snow

Scoop up some bubbles in your hand and talk about how they remind you of snow.  Blow them so they fall like snowflakes.  Then talk about how Jesus cleanses our sins and makes us whiter than snow.  I often sing the old hymn Whiter Than Snow after I talk about this concept.  It's an oldie, but a goodie!

7. Springs of Living Water

Water is used as a symbol many times in the Bible.  You can use the water to talk about a variety if concepts, but sometimes I talk about how Jesus gives us living water.  Those who drink the water He provides will never be thirsty again.  He satisfies our every need!

I like to sing Springs of Living Water when we talk about this.  It's another oldie, but goodie.  I love the old hymns.  I want my son to know and love them, too.  They are full of such great truths.

Armed with these ideas, I hope it will be a little easier for you to incorporate Bible time into your daily routine.  Try to do one simple idea each day and you will be well on your way to turning bath time into Bible time!

Are there any other ways you can think of to make bath time into Bible time?


  1. I teach the oldies to my kids too, Julie. Cute article and I like your blog. :) I hope your family is doing well...love, Amanda

  2. What a great way to present all of these old truths in such a fresh manner...I really enjoyed it

  3. Wonderful ideas, Julie! I just wish I'd read this when my two sons were small. Maybe I can implement these thoughts some time in the future with my grandchildren instead. :)

    1. Thank you, Joy! I hope you get to use these ideas with your grandchildren one day, too.